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From Tilman Hausherr <THaush...@t-online.de>
Subject Re: issue creating hyperlink in pdf
Date Thu, 04 Oct 2018 04:08:55 GMT
Hello Diane,

If you're just starting, then use 2.0.11 and not 1.8 from which this 
example is coming. There get the 2.0.11 source download, there go to the 
example subdirectory, and get AddAnnotations.java. Get it to run. If you 
get it running, delete all that you don't need so that only one link 
annotation is left.

If the annotation is to be black, then the color is

PDColor black = new PDColor(new float[] { 0, 0, 0 }, PDDeviceRGB.INSTANCE);

In RGB colorspace, the colors are red green blue and 0 0 0 is black and 
1 1 1 is white. 1 0 0 isĀ  red. 1 1 0 is yellow.

In the gray colorspace, 0 is black and 1 is white.

The coordinates start at the bottom left. (unlike java imaging where it 
starts at the top left).

An A4 Page is about 600 x 800. (this is not exact, it's probably more 
like 650 x 750)

Are you creating a PDF completely from scratch or do you need to modify 
an existing PDF, i.e. just add the unline and the link destination?


Am 03.10.2018 um 22:27 schrieb Haddy, Diane E:
> Hello
> I have a task to create a hyperlink on a pdf page.  I googled and found some code.  I
am not good with coordinates and do not know anything about pdfbox PDGamma class and how to
add the color black to the text.   Can you please help me?
> PDBorderStyleDictionary psd = new PDBorderStyleDictionary();
>              psd.setStyle(PDBorderStyleDictionary.STYLE_UNDERLINE);
>              PDAnnotationLink txtLink = new PDAnnotationLink();
>              txtLink.setBorderStyle(psd);
>             // txtLink.setColour(PDGamma  colourBlack);
>               //add action
>              PDActionURI action = new PDActionURI();
>              action.setURI("http://mycode.here.com");
>              txtLink.setAction(action);
>               //populate the url using these coordinates
>              PDRectangle rec = new PDRectangle();
>              rec.setLowerLeftX(10);
>              rec.setLowerLeftY(20);
>              rec.setUpperRightX(100);
>              rec.setUpperRightY(10);
>              txtLink.setRectangle(rec);
>              page.getAnnotations().add(txtLink);
> thank you,
> Diane
> Diane Haddy
> Health Care Information Systems
> Application Developer
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