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From "Dagnon, William" <William.Dag...@wpsic.com>
Subject RE: PDComboBox.setValue("selection text") displays nothing?
Date Mon, 17 Sep 2018 15:53:34 GMT
Thanks for the response:

PDFBox 2.0.4

Please look right above your questions to see the 3 ways I've used to set the values, though
since I'm only ever setting a single value, they always come down to: 

	ctrl.setValue(String); // the only operation on any control on the PDF

While I can create a PDF, I doubt I can put it anywhere public - and asking the lawyers about
it would take a while.

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Subject: Re: PDComboBox.setValue("selection text") displays nothing?

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> Am 17.09.2018 um 17:05 schrieb Dagnon, William <William.Dagnon@wpsic.com>:
> Hello again all,
> I'm trying to fill out someone else's PDF programmatically, and while the text values
work fine as before, the controls with Opts never display their values after I've set them.
 In the saved PDF, there is no text at the ComboBox's location, but using PDFDebugger the
annotation and Opts are still there.  Just not visible...?  "V" is the correct value as set.
> The control looks fine when I look at the original, and I can select what I want from
the box manually through an Adobe GUI.
> Comparing the original vs PDFBox saved files, each of the 4 CombBox controls have exactly
these differences:
>  1.  V, because I set it
>  2.  "P": first # in [] goes from 61 to 312, plus lower details differ  
> 3.  There is a new "I: (1)" entry for the annotation
> Text controls:
>  1.  Have a "V" (didn't in the original - no defaults)  2.  Have the 
> same change to "P"
>  3.  Have the same "AP" as before, or a new "AP" if one didn't exist.
> All of the ComboBoxes have the same font("DA: /Helv 12 Tf  g"), but the couple text controls
with the same font display fine.
> A) Originally I'd just control.setValue("foobar") for the Opt controls just like the
text controls, but that gave no results.
> B) The only code example Google returns is a stackoverflow where they have a font problem,
but I tried control.setValue(opts.get(index)) - with no further luck.
> C) I've also looked at the opts themselves and they do exist - though as COSString objects.
But they have exactly the same text, and I'm able to search through them for equal strings
in order to determine the index.

which version of PDFBox are you using? How do you set the value? Would you have a sample PDF
to be able to give you some specific code (please upload to a shared location)?


> How ARE PDComboBox controls supposed to work?  Or am I using the wrong control altogether?
> Thanks...
> P.S. I am now seeing a DEBUG log: "ScratchFileBuffer:516 - ScratchFileBuffer not closed!"
which I don't remember from before...
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