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From Christopher Schultz <ch...@christopherschultz.net>
Subject Re: PDFBox JPEG2000 and Tomcat - Revisited
Date Wed, 01 Aug 2018 20:39:50 GMT

On 8/1/18 3:54 PM, Joel Hirsh wrote:
> However, your comment that "Tomcat doesn't unload libraries" is not
> entirely true. There is an explanation of such symptions at
> https://haraldk.github.io/TwelveMonkeys/, under the section "Deploying the
> plugins in a web app".

Thanks for posting that. Lemmie 'splain.

In a servlet container, web applications (aka "contexts") each have
their own ClassLoader and if the application is undeployed or
re-deployed, then that ClassLoader will be freed for GC. If a class
loaded by that webapp's ClassLoader is still in use, you have a memory
leak situation knows as a "pinned ClassLoader".

It happens all the time when you use a system-global cache such as
ImageIO does. This can happen with JDBC DriverManger and a handful of
other common APIs and it can be a serious problem for servers where
there are lots of redeployments. You can also start to see errors like
"ClassCastException: Cannot cast foo.bar.Class to foo.bar.Class" because
instanceof-ness is defined not just by Class but also by ClassLoader.

The IIOProviderContextListener mentioned in that documentation is one
strategy to handle the unfortunate way ImageIO caches classes. Another
strategy is to put the library into a place where it is accessible to
all web applications instead of just one.

> Just putting jars in a shared folder did not help.

Here is where asking on the Tomcat mailing list *will* be a good idea.
Make sure to give your exact Tomcat version and explain where you put
the library.

Can you post the *entire* stack trace from the failure? It looks like
it's incomplete -- it doesn't seem to have a "true root cause". It just
says "Could not initialize class" because "Could not initialize class".
Somewhere there should be a real root cause like NullPointerException or
something that can actually be debugged. Def post that to the Tomcat
mailing list as well if you post.


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