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From Nicolas Lemasson <nico...@flexio.fr>
Subject Problem merging multiple PDF
Date Tue, 19 Jun 2018 09:00:19 GMT
Hi support,

I'm using pdfbox 2.0.8. I have some pdf files that I would like to merge
together in a single document. Multiple files can be used to compose a
single page, so they don't have the same size.
It works using the LayerUtility class, importing pages as layer and
appending layers to the new page. But doing this I loose link annotations
and hyper links are not clickable in the final document.

So is there a way to append a pdf page to an other document page, keeping
link annotations ? ( I can't use PDFMergerUtility because it only
"concatenates" pages, and i need to append content at specific positions ).

To reproduce this, use the example pdf in attachment and try to append it
as layer to a new Document ( see sample code ).

Thanks in advance
best regards

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