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From Andreas Lehmkuehler <andr...@lehmi.de>
Subject Re: License and naming for derivative works
Date Sun, 14 Jan 2018 13:26:16 GMT
Am 07.01.2018 um 16:54 schrieb Eliot Jones:
> I have been migrating PDFBox to C# in order to provide an Apache 2.0 licensed solution
for working with PDFs in C#.
Cool, there a a lot of people asking for a .NET version.

> Repository is here: https://github.com/UglyToad/Pdf
What PDFBox version is the base for your port, trunk or 2.0.x?

> I am almost at the point where I intend to release an alpha version of the software to
NuGet (Maven equivalent).
> I wanted to check what conditions were necessary/polite for releasing this derivative
IANAL, but I try to answer your questions as good as possible

>    *   I am keeping the Apache 2.0 license but should the copyright in my license be
the copyright from the PDFBox version of the license?
The PDFBox PMC still owns the copyright of the origin code. IMHO even ported 
code is still copyrighted by us, as long as the ported code is similar to the 
origin one. If you add some substantial changes to the code, you might *add* 
your own copyright to that part of the code. All new classes are of course 
yours. And the port as a whole (our code, your changes and your additions) is a 
derivative work and you may the copyright for that as a whole.

>    *   Additionally I assume I must redistribute the NOTICES.txt file present in the
PDFBox code?
That would be nice. You might remove those parts which are not ported to .NET

>    *   On naming, I was intending to rename the project (not sure what name yet) to indicate
that much of the code has been rewritten and it’s not an official port. This will prevent
people filing bugs (of which my version will have many) with PDFBox. Is this ok or would this
be considered bad etiquette?
Good idea, it will make it easier to separate both projects. As you already did 
so, IMHO there is no need for further changes.
Furthermore "PDFBox" is a registered trademark ;-)

>    *   Are there any other steps I should take to release a work derived from PDFBox
and managed by the Apache Foundation?
You already mentioned the origin of your port (it is not necessary but highly 
appreciated) so that we get the credits for the work of our community.

Are you interested in being "promoted" by us if someone asks for a .NET port, 
e.g. we could mention the port somewhere at a more or less prominent place on 
our website?
Are you planning to monitor our changes and port them as well to your codebase?

> Many thanks,
> Eliot Jones
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