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From Aaron Madlon-Kay <aa...@madlon-kay.com>
Subject Re: Creating vertical text
Date Sun, 12 Nov 2017 12:46:37 GMT
I received some spot-on advice from PDFBox contributor John Hewson, so I wanted to share it
in case anyone else has the same issue:

> John Hewson wrote:
> …
> First of all, Identity-V seems like the right approach. PDFBox should be able to handle
the basics of vertical text layout using that. However, as you say advanced OpenType features
such as GSUB are not supported in PDFBox. That’s because OpenType is not supported in PDF*
as it’s too new. So it’s up to the program/library which generates the PDF to apply the
positioning or substitution itself and place the correct glyph on the page. PDFBox doesn’t
implement that functionality, because it’s pretty complex - though we’d certainly like
> * not entirely true, but PDF viewers have very limited support for it.
> The way OpenType Layout works is that there are various abstract "features” which are
identified by “tags” such as “vert”. These are simply used as keys to turn on/off
various positioning or substitutions, which can be found in the GSUB and GPOS tables, respectively.
So when an application wants, say, the vertical version of a font, it enables the “vert”
feature by applying all the relevant substitutions/positionings. This could be as simple as
a substitution rule which switches a horizontal glyph for a vertical one, or a complex state
machine for some Indic language. In the case of “vert”, it’s going to be the former.
> Given that GSUB and GPOS support are not coming to PDFBox anytime soon and assuming that
you are just wanting to use a limited set of vertical fonts then I’d recommend “freezing”
the “vert” feature into the font. This means creating a special subset of the font which
already has the positioning and substitutions applied to the glyphs themselves. The resulting
font won’t have any need for GSUB or GPOS tables for “vert” any more, and will only
support vertical writing. You can find a tool for generating such fonts here: https://github.com/twardoch/fonttools-utils/tree/master/pyftfeatfreeze
> For debugging, if you’re looking for a tool to inspect the table inside fonts, I recommend
the free DTL OTMaster Light available here: http://fontmaster.nl, Microsoft’s OpenType spec
is also helpful: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/Typography/OpenTypeSpecification.aspx

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