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From Gary Grosso <gary.gro...@oberontech.com>
Subject PDFormFieldAdditionalActions.setC() not working?
Date Fri, 26 May 2017 04:19:21 GMT
In my project, I could not get setC to do anything, so I modified the CreateSimpleForm.java
code to create 2 fields (just in case that mattered), which resulted in http://aapro.net/PDF/SimpleForm.pdf.

Then I commented out a lot of distracting other event handling in FieldTriggers.java, and
duplicated everything to handle both fields, resulting in http://aapro.net/PDF/FieldTriggers.java
. This, when run gives http://aapro.net/PDF/FieldTriggers.pdf, which, in PDFDebugger looks
something like this:

AcroForm: (3) [3 0 R]
   DA: /Helv o Tfo g
   DR: (1) [70 R]
     Fields: (2)
       0: (12) [SOR] /T:Annot /S:Widget
       1: (11) [60R] /T:Annot /S:Widget
         AA: (2) [120 R]
             C: (3) [19 O R] /T:Action
                 JS: app.alert("On 'recalculate' action")
                 S: Javascript
                 Type: Action
             D: (3) [13 o R] /T:Action
                 JS: app.alert("On 'mouse down' action")
                 S: Javascript
                 Type: Action

Whatever I do, much as in my original project, I never see "On 'recalculate' action".

I get the expected (if somewhat annoying) behavior for setK, setF, and setV. Why not setC?


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