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From Gary Grosso <gary.gro...@oberontech.com>
Subject RE: what should PDAppearanceCharacteristicsDictionary.setRolloverCaption do?
Date Thu, 25 May 2017 13:03:48 GMT
I also uploaded http://aapro.net/PDF/DocBookTest3_modified_captionsByPDFBox.pdf 

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From: Gary Grosso [mailto:gary.grosso@oberontech.com] 
Sent: Thursday, May 25, 2017 8:54 AM
To: users@pdfbox.apache.org
Subject: RE: what should PDAppearanceCharacteristicsDictionary.setRolloverCaption do?

Yes, it does work if done with Acrobat, see http://aapro.net/PDF/DocBookTest3_modified_w-Acrobat-Tooltip.pdf
( done using Button Properties > General > Tooltip).

I need general tooltip capability. Everywhere I look, this is done with buttons, sometimes
invisible. This is perhaps the last requirement needed for a customer to choose PDFBox (and
my services) for this work.

Can this be made to work, or can another way be described of getting tooltips (to appear on
various form fields)?

One possibility seems to be using NormalCaption on an invisible button. I am able to make
the button invisible, but not the caption text. Also, if I succeed in making the caption text
invisible, I don't know if it will stay invisible when moused over.


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From: Tilman Hausherr [mailto:THausherr@t-online.de] 
Sent: Thursday, May 25, 2017 4:21 AM
To: users@pdfbox.apache.org
Subject: Re: what should PDAppearanceCharacteristicsDictionary.setRolloverCaption do?

According to the PDF spec: "(Optional; pushbutton fields only) The widget annotation's rollover
caption, which shall be displayed when the user rolls the cursor into its active area without
pressing the mouse button."

The best would be to create such a file with Adobe Acrobat to see if it works at all.


Am 25.05.2017 um 03:45 schrieb Gary Grosso:
> I was expecting PDAppearanceCharacteristicsDictionary.setRolloverCaption(String<eclipse-javadoc:%E2%98%82=Morph2Form/D:%5C/JavaTraining%5C/EclipseNeonWorkspace%5C/CreateSimpleForm%5C/lib%5C/pdfbox-2.0.6.jar%3Corg.apache.pdfbox.pdmodel.interactive.annotation(PDAppearanceCharacteristicsDictionary.class%E2%98%83PDAppearanceCharacteristicsDictionary~setRolloverCaption~Ljava.lang.String;%E2%98%82java.lang.String>
caption) to display the value of argument caption when the user's mouse rolled over the widget.
> I get the value passed to setNormalCaption() regardless. Is the problem with my expectations,
my usage, or the implementation?
> I'm morphing an existing PDF document, finding locations based on a kludge, since this
is still proof-of-principle, so I only show the one method below. I can write a create-PDF-from-scratch
driver for the method if necessary.
> Thanks,
> Gary
>      private static void addButtonAtRect(PDPage page, PDAcroForm acroForm, String text,
PDRectangle rect) {
>          PDPushButton pushButton = new PDPushButton(acroForm);
>          // For now, just make sure each partial name is unique.
>          String nameStr = text.replaceAll(" ", "") + "Name" + Integer.toString(nameCnt);
>          nameCnt++;
>          pushButton.setPartialName(nameStr);
>          acroForm.getFields().add(pushButton);
>          PDAnnotationWidget widget = pushButton.getWidgets().get(0);
>          widget.setRectangle(rect);
>          if (rect.getHeight() < MIN_RECT_HEIGHT) {
>              float diff = MIN_RECT_HEIGHT - rect.getHeight();
>              rect.setLowerLeftY((float) (rect.getLowerLeftY() - diff/2.0));
>              rect.setUpperRightY((float) (rect.getUpperRightY() + diff/2.0));
>          }
>          widget.setPage(page);
>          String jsString = "app.alert(\"" + text + " Performed.\");";
>          //Creating PDActionJavaScript object
>          PDActionJavaScript action = new PDActionJavaScript(jsString);
>          widget.setAction(action);
>          acroForm.setNeedAppearances(true);
>          PDAppearanceCharacteristicsDictionary fieldAppearance = new PDAppearanceCharacteristicsDictionary(new
>          fieldAppearance.setBorderColour(new PDColor(new float[]{0.3F, 0.3F, 0.7F}, PDDeviceRGB.INSTANCE));
>          fieldAppearance.setBackground(new PDColor(new float[]{0.9F, 0.9F, 0.9F}, PDDeviceRGB.INSTANCE));
>          fieldAppearance.setNormalCaption("This is my NormalCaption");
>          fieldAppearance.setRolloverCaption("This is my RolloverCaption");
>          fieldAppearance.setAlternateCaption("This is my AlternateCaption");
>          widget.setAppearanceCharacteristics(fieldAppearance);
>          widget.setPrinted(true);
>          try {
>              page.getAnnotations().add(widget);
>          } catch (IOException e) {
>              e.printStackTrace();
>          }
>      }

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