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From "Clark, Raymond C" <Raymond.C.Cl...@ehi.com>
Subject Specifying an image once in a PDF
Date Mon, 03 Apr 2017 15:39:57 GMT

I am using PDFBox in production and it is working great.  I have a question on how I am using
it.  I have a method that puts an image in a PDF as you can see below.  Since I have the same
image on multiple pages it seems to me that this code can/is drawing the same image on multiple
pages.  Is there a way to drop an image into a PDF only once and then reference it on the
various pages specifying the location it is to be printed at?  I hope that I made myself clear,
I'm trying to avoid multiple copies of the same image in the PDF.

Here is my code:

public void drawImage(Column column, float xPosition, float yPosition) throws ProductRequestException
        float scale = 1f; // alter this value to set the image size
        float imageYPosition = PDFGeneratorHelper.getImageYPosition(column, yPosition);
        float imageXPosition = PDFGeneratorHelper.getImageXPosition(column, xPosition);

        // Does NOT compress GIF and other image files
        PDImageXObject pdImage;
        try {
                pdImage = PDImageXObject.createFromFile(
                                new File(getClass().getClassLoader().getResource(column.getImagePath()).toURI())
                                        .getAbsolutePath(), document);
        } catch(IOException ioe) {
                throw new ProductRequestException("IOException 1 in drawImage", ioe);
        } catch(URISyntaxException use) {
                throw new ProductRequestException("URISyntaxException in drawImage", use);
        pdImage.getCOSObject().setName("BDSImageName", column.getImagePath());
        try {
                if (column.getImageWidth() == null) {
                        contentStream.drawImage(pdImage, imageXPosition, imageYPosition, pdImage.getWidth()
* scale,
                                        pdImage.getHeight() * scale);
                } else {
                        contentStream.drawImage(pdImage, imageXPosition, imageYPosition,
        } catch(IOException ioe) {
                throw new ProductRequestException("IOException 2 in drawImage", ioe);

Thank you,


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