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From Evan Williams <evan.willi...@zapprx.com>
Subject Re: Need Help With A Problematic PDF
Date Fri, 03 Mar 2017 14:47:18 GMT

Thank you so much. I will pursue that. And thank you for the tips on
investigating issues.

Unfortunately, even thought the ultimate result of my labors is a PDF, the
actual PDF generation is not really the focus of my work (it is figuring
out exactly what to put in the form fields). So I just do not have the time
to understand the PDF format as well as I should. I suspect many PDFBox
users have similar issues.

I really appreciate your help, and the wonderful PDFBox community. Thank
you again.

On Fri, Mar 3, 2017 at 9:23 AM, Karl Heinz Kremer <khk@khk.net> wrote:

> This is a corrupt PDF file, but I doubt that the syntax problems are
> causing the problems with your fax service:
> If you have access to Adobe Acrobat Pro, you can run the "Report PDF syntax
> issues" preflight profile to get a list of syntax problems. There are two
> types of problems in your file: One is related to the tags structure, and
> you can test if that is causing any problems by just removing the tags
> tree. The second type of problem is related to the /Tabs entry in the page
> dictionary. This optional key can have the following values associated with
> it (from the PDF spec):
> *"(Optional; PDF 1.5) A name specifying the tab order that shall be used
> for annotations on the page. The possible values shall be R (row order), C
> (column order), and S (structure order). See 12.5, "Annotations" for
> details."*
> The document does however use a "W".
> You can change this by processing your document with the pdfbox-app, using
> the "WriteDecodedDoc" command to uncompress it, and then change the /W
> instances to e.g. /R or /C (this will change the way you tab through
> the document when filling out the form in Acrobat or Reader). Keep in
> mind that when editing a PDF file, you need to use a binary editor, and you
> have to make sure that the cross reference table is still valid after your
> changes.
> Karl Heinz Kremer
> PDF Acrobatics Without a Net
> PDF Software Development, Training and More...
> khk@khk.net
> http://www.khkonsulting.com
> On Fri, Mar 3, 2017 at 8:31 AM, Evan Williams <evan.williams@zapprx.com>
> wrote:
> > I work with forms that come from drug manufacturers and pharmacies. Using
> > PDFBox (2.0.4), I fill them out and then display them in the browser or
> fax
> > them.
> >
> > This has been working perfectly (thank you PDFBox team!), but I have a
> > mystery PDF which is causing trouble.
> >
> > The first sign of trouble is, various PDF renderers in browsers were
> > displaying fields that had been filled in as blank (intermittently).
> > Chrome's PDF viewer was one such culprit. Need Appearances was set to
> true
> > with this form, so I set it to False and refreshed the appearances, which
> > may or may not have fixed it (if it doesn't I will do a full flatten on
> > it).
> >
> > More seriously, the faxing service that we use chokes on this form. They
> > are unable to render it even if I don't fill it out and send them the
> > original PDF. They are investigating this on their end, but since this is
> > the only PDF that has ever had this issue and because of its previous
> > suspicious behavior, I believe that it might be corrupt in some subtle
> way
> > that I don't understand. PDFBox seems to have no trouble working with it,
> > and it is viewable and printable in Acrobat and in third party viewers.
> But
> > I am uncertain.
> >
> > I would very much appreciate any tips you can give me on examining this
> > and debugging the issue.
> >
> > The file is here:
> > https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/25802656/Tyvaso-Revised.pdf
> >
> > The PDFBox community is awesome, and I am very grateful for your time.
> > Thank you
> > --
> > *Evan Williams*
> > Sr. Software Engineer
> > evan.williams@zapprx.com
> >
> > *www.ZappRx.com <http://www.zapprx.com/>*
> >

*Evan Williams*
Sr. Software Engineer

*www.ZappRx.com <http://www.zapprx.com/>*

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