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From "Kevin Rauer"<kevin.ra...@gmail.com>
Subject New Member - And a question..
Date Wed, 01 Feb 2017 17:05:13 GMT
First off I would like to sat THANK to all those whom support this group.. I have spent the
last few days going through all the threads, playing with the solutions and I am very happy
I was almost able to solve my problem properly..

I have just started to upgrade my code written using the old Adobe Acrobat.jar due to version
support issues, and ran into the time old HEADER / FOOTER issues that have been seen here
before..  I have working code that will work as I need manually getting the text body, headers
and footers based off of passed in page offsets as regions..

But what I have not been able to figure out is how to Search for an element/object and based
on it's X and Y coordinated, dynamically get the other text areas I need..

My Header is ALWAYS on my PDF, My Footer may or may not be there, and the body is between
these two.  

My only saving grace is that between the Header and the Body and the Body and the Footer is
a Graphic Line.. So my question is does anyone have a working 2.0.3 stream example of searching
for that Element(s) and getting its page co-ordinates to be able to dynamically get the other

Thanks In Advance Guys!!


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