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From Maruan Sahyoun <sahy...@fileaffairs.de>
Subject Re: FormInformation example not returning form values
Date Mon, 06 Feb 2017 07:30:16 GMT

> Am 05.02.2017 um 20:35 schrieb Dick Martin <rtmartin@nycap.rr.com>:
> Hi,
> I've been working with PDFBox 2.0.4 for a couple of days now.  I've been
> successful at merging XFDF data into a form that had been created with
> Nuance PDF Converter.  Next I set out to do some work with changing font
> size of textboxes based on the amount of text in the textbox field.  
> As a
> basis for that, I've tried to retrieve the textbox value using
> getValueAsText after importing the XFDF data.  Nothing comes back.  I've
> tried using acrobat to change the value of one of the fields but I still
> get null in the value. I've also tried a version created with Acrobat X
> Standard.
> My next step was to process the PDF file after saving the merged XFDF data
> with the PDFBox sample PrintFields.  The textbox values that appear in
> Acrobat Reader (after adding setNeedAppearances(true)) do not appear in the
> output of PrintFields either.

please upload the form (empty, filled + sample code) to a public location. I'll take a look.


> After a lot of Googling and learning about XFA forms, I added this line to
> Printfields to see if my form was XFA.  It isn't.  That line returned
> AcroForm
>        System.out.println(acroForm.hasXFA() ? "XFA form" : "AcroForm");
> As a further thought about XFA, I used one of the IRS forms I have to see
> how it behaved.  PrintFields identifies it a an XFA form **and** shows the
> textbox values.  The form is f5504ez.pdf.
> Any ideas why PrintFields and my own use of getValueAsText isn't working as
> expected on a PDF form created with Nuance PDF Converter?  Have any PDFBox
> users encountered the same?
> I just tried creating form in Acrobat X Standard.  I populated one of its
> textboxes with data and then ran it into PrintFields.  The data is included
> in the output.  I suppose I could redo the form(s) I plan to use using
> Acrobat instead of PDF Creator but the each have many, many fields so that
> would be a chore.  I thought I'd ask here first.
> Let me know of any details I may have omitted.
> Thanks.
> Dick

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