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From Jonathan Barbero <jonathan.barb...@gmail.com>
Subject Dynamic amount of fields in a PDF form
Date Tue, 14 Feb 2017 19:48:52 GMT

 I want to fill a PDF form with a dynamic amount of fields, like if I want
to create a bill on runtime where I don't know the amount of items upfront.

 I the amount is bounded to an small number I could create a form with that
amount of fields. If I donĀ“t need some of them, just leave them blank. But
in my case the amount of info might be 100's of items, so it has no sense
to deliver to a user a PDF with 50 pages (to fit in worst case) with only
the first one with data.

 My current strategy is to split the PDF in 3 parts. The first one with
fixed data, the second one is dynamic where I add pages from a PDF template
as much as data I need to place, and the third part is fixed data as the
first one. So when I need to deliver a PDF to the user I merge the three

PDF Document = First Part + ( N x Second Part ) + Third Part

This approach requires to split the document, just to be able to add as
much pages as data is needed to fill. That doesn't feel clean.
And a problem is that I need to touch the PDFMergerUtility.java to rename
the fields using some custom pattern, for ex.:
   the template uses field names like "thisIsAFieldName$INDEX$itIs" and
when merged I replace the $INDEX$ with the proper index number.

So, I would like to check if there is a better way to approach to the need
of having a not bounded amount of fields need using a template (fields
repeat the names when two copies are merged).

Maybe I could avoid to split the document in three parts adding pages in
between two pages of a main PDF using the template.

Any advice is appreciated.

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