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From Andrew Bogdanov <abogda...@accusoft.com>
Subject PDFBox Bug: Incorrect position for the Acroform Fields for specific PDF
Date Fri, 02 Sep 2016 17:18:35 GMT
Hello! I've been writing to you before, it's my original message:

Hello. My name is Andrew. I'm a developer from Accusoft corp. We are
using PDFBox as a base for extracting Acroforms Fields information
from PDF that was created using Adobe Acrobat Reader DC Pro. We are
using next properties to position fields on top of the document after
conversion: http://take.ms/Qn5a8  *rect.getLowerLeftX();*
*rect.getLowerLeftY();*  *rect.getUpperRightX();*
*rect.getUpperRightY();*  I'm attaching 2 documents that are quite
similar and both have acroform fields inside of them. Positions of
fields in both documents are identical when viewed inside Acrobat DC,
though when processed through PDFBox we receive different position
values. *f1040--2011.pdf *document field positions are correct, though
*f1040--2008.pdf* document positions are shifted to some amount, that
shift is the same for all fields in the document as if some kind of
margin was applied to the fields. http://take.ms/YnFJc  Could you
provide us with the information about whether it's an issue of PDFBox
and how it might be fixed?  Thanks for help.

You replied:

You didn't tell which field (name) is different. However I noticed that the
two files have different cropboxes / mediaboxes.

Answering your question:
1. All fields in the document are shifted to some defined amount from their
original positions when viewed in the Adobe Acrobat DC
2. So, you are saying that those boxes position should also be taken into
account when positioning Acroform Fields? Could you send me a method name
that can provide those values for the boxes?

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