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From Stan Ivaciov <sivac...@accusoft.com>
Subject PdfBox 1.8 Possibly Does Not Consider Revision Number of Security Handler
Date Thu, 29 Sep 2016 20:51:38 GMT
Thank you for a great PDF tool. We have come up against a small issue while
testing encrypted documents with restrictions for filling out forms set.

The PDF spec,
pages 59-61, describes that bit 9 "*can fill in form fields*" can only be
considered by Security Handlers of revision 3 or greater. Older versions
should rely on bit 6, see perm_spec.png

(The idea described in the spec is that granulation of permissions is
extended with revision, and up to 2008 year it has 4 revisions, from 1 to
4, and our PDF sample has only 2-nd revision, which is seen by PDFBOX).

Could you please confirm our overall conclusion: PDFBox does not support
this bit at the moment and to imitate Acrobat behaviour and fix this issue
outside of PDFBox; we need to add a logic which would be considering both
bitwise "Encrypt Flag" and the Revision Number of Security Handler.

Maybe this also could be an improvement in one of the future PDFBox release.

Best regards,


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