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From "Petras Petkus" <petras.pet...@mitsoft.lt>
Subject Saving incrementally closes the stream
Date Thu, 18 Aug 2016 18:41:18 GMT

In PDFBOX-3322 I reported an issue for PDFBox v1.8.x, that
VisualSignatureParser creates an instance of COSDocument, held by
SignatureOptions, which is not closed when PDDocument instance's #close()
method is invoked. Tilman noted, that the approach "close it where it was
created" should be considered. The same behavior remains for v2.0.x. Yet I
find it curious, that this approach is not consistent -
PDDocument#saveIncremental() in PDFBox v2.0.x closes the stream it gets. If
so, I once again insist that PDFBox should close COSDocument itself and do
not require workarounds for client application to keep reference to
SignatureOptions instance till PDDocument closure.


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