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From "Frank Malenfant" <fr...@verbois.com>
Subject Bad file orientation in printer
Date Fri, 08 Jul 2016 18:56:37 GMT

    As I have done many times before without any problem, I am trying to use
the PrintPDF command line tool to send a PDF (see attached file) to a
printer which is a Zebra ZT230. It is a label, so I generated a media sized
PDF file using PHP’s ezPDF like I do since 10 years, configured the default
settings for the Zebra printer in Windows Server 2012 (see screenshot below)
and used pdfBox v2.0.2 (also tried v1.8.10). The label is 4 inches wide x 2
inches long, but it prints like it’s rotated 90° counter-clock-wise and on
the right. Here is what I’ve tried so far before I reached your community.


1.       I printed the PDF directly through Acrobat, it printed Well.

2.       I tried to generate a label that is rotated to match the behaviour
of the printer (rotating the PDF file by 90°), it acted as if I rotated it
by 180°, it’s still not displaying the content with the good orientation on
the media.

3.       I changed the definition of my PDF file from 2 x 4 (with portrait
orientation) to 4 x 2 (with landscape orientation), same result as #2

4.       Modified the default printer settings from “Portrait” to
“Landscape”, no difference at all

5.       Changed the media size in the default printer settings from 4 x 2
to 2 x 4, no difference at all


  So, I’m pretty sure I’ve ruled out my PDF generator from the equation (+
I’ve been using it to generate labels like these for years on Windows Server
2008 and CentOs 7 servers), I also know from printing through Acrobat that
the printer behaves well and that the printer settings are OK. I really
don’t know why pdfBox could be working differently on this machine but it
looks like the only likely option left.


Is there anyway I could force some settings or orientation through pdfBox
using the Command line tools or do you have any ideas for a fix I could try?


Please help me, I’ve struggling with this for hours and I’m getting pretty
frustrated although I made sure to rule out as much possibilities as I could
think before I contact you.


Many thanks,


      Sorry it’s in French, I translated some words to help you understand


Frank Malenfant

Analyste / Responsable T.I.



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Rivière-du-Loup, QC  G5R 5W8

T: 418.868.0500  #222 -  F: 418.868.0055

S.F. : 1.888.775.0500 


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