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From Aaron Mulder <ammul...@gmail.com>
Subject Slightly higher-level functions
Date Sun, 29 May 2016 12:53:37 GMT
I'm using PDFBox to generate PDF documents.

I find that I need a few functions that are a bit higher-level than
PDF commands, yet not to the level of e.g. a report writer or
something.  Things like drawing circles (or fourths of a circle),
fitting text into a rectangle by shrinking the font and/or wrapping
the text (and clipping to the rectangle), and laying out text in a
table with a border.

It seems like these functions may be reusable / of interest to others.
Is there any interest in including some features like that in PDFBox
itself?  Or are you aware of any wrapper libraries that are just a
small step up from the raw PDF commands that might be a fit?


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