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From Hannes Erven <han...@erven.at>
Subject Re: A way to choose papertray on the printer (like WordMLs paperTray tag)
Date Fri, 11 Mar 2016 22:08:14 GMT
Hi Magnus,

while I cannot conment on whether there's something PDFbox could do, I'd like to suggest an
alternative solution:

Setup up multiple "printers", all pointing to the same real printer, but with different default
So you'd end up with "printer42_bluetray", "printer42_redtray" and so on, which can be easily
refered to when queuing the actual print job.
This even works on shared network printers, just set the desired tray settings on the server.

I've done this on windows, but I guess the trick would work on any operating system.

Best regards,


Am 11. März 2016 12:50:20 MEZ, schrieb Magnus Evensberget <magnus.evensberget@gmail.com>:
>I'm currently working on a way to move from WordML to PdfBox merging
>managing exports of products. In word we use the paperTray tag to
>choose if
>we want red, blue or grey papers (different categories of products). It
>important that this goes fast, as we send out a large amount of these
>certificates each day.
>We plan on creating a simple viewer if this cannot be done more
>with tags that tell Adobe where to print, but we would of course like
>it to
>just be a meta tag in the pdf :)
>Hope someone can help,
>Magnus Evensberget

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