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From Ken Bowen <...@form-runner.com>
Subject Re: Data from PDF - > MS Access
Date Thu, 17 Mar 2016 04:28:02 GMT
What is the nature of the feedback into the database?

If it amounts to more or less make entries in fields in the db,
and you are stuck with email as a medium, you might hack up a
convention like this:
1) Select a recognizable boundary line (begin & end), say a line of 
at least 10 + or *, or whatever.
2) Between the boundary lines, have your compatriots make entries like:
	[Field Name] = [Value to be input]
with the restriction that no ‘=‘ sign occurs on either side (or replace
the use of ‘=‘ by something else that would satisfy that restriction).

You can knock out a script to process each email to a csv file, and 
then import that to your Access db.

Ken Bowen

On Mar 16, 2016, at 9:23 PM, Al Grant <bigal.nz@gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi All
> This might be slightly OT - but the list was so helpful in the past...
> I have a database in MS Access and a standalone Java applet that imports
> data from a PDF form and scrapes data from the PDF form into corresponding
> fields in the Access Database. (Thanks to the list for help on this!)
> A report from this Access database then goes out via email to a handful of
> people in other companies and they need a way to provide feedback into the
> database.
> The question is how to achieve this feedback?
> It is difficult because the I am working within a number of constraints:
> 1. We are all working behind large corporate firewalls;
> 2. I have Office 2007 installed;
> 3. Our shared mailboxes are accessed only via a web interface (not OWA - I
> think Lotus)
> Getting ports on firewall, vpns etc is not an option, nor are cloud
> services like Dropbox or Amazon, so I think I am stuck with email as the
> transport medium.
> Solutions?
> Cheers
> -AL
> -- 
> "Beat it punk!"
> - Clint Eastwood

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