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From Marco Di Girolami <mdigirol...@noemalife.com>
Subject Orientation printout - used 2.0.0.RC3 release
Date Tue, 15 Mar 2016 19:01:19 GMT
Hi all,

I have one problem printing a PDF label (1,96x0,97 inches) to a label

In attachment you can see the input PDF and the some outputs printouts
printed via my java application to PDFCreator (but I have the same results
on the real printer).

You can see that in input I have a PDF document with correctly size and
orientation but in output I could not to obtain the *SAME document*.

In attachment you can see my simple code.

I’ve also tried to:

1) manage orientation on PageFormat object;

2) setting size and imageablearea on Paper object,

3) rotating content using  COSBase and COSArray objects

with many results but not the correct one.

Can you help me please??

Thanks very much in advance,



Marco Di Girolami

Team Leader

NoemaLife S.p.A.

Via Gobetti, 52

40129 Bologna - Italy

tel. 39.345.93.45.786 - 39.051.7098.285

mdigirolami@noemalife.com - www.noemalife.com


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