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From "Costas Stergiou" <kst...@gmail.com>
Subject RE: How can I write JPEG2000 encoded images in PDF?
Date Wed, 30 Mar 2016 06:18:48 GMT
> PDF/A is for archiving, and while PDF/A-2 does support JPEG 2000, it's not
a good choice for an archival format, because most JPEG 2000 implementations
are broken in some way and many PDF viewers cannot correctly view such
files. It was essentially a failure as a file format and will be deprecated
in PDF 2.0. If the goal of archiving with PDF/A is to produce reliable
files, JPEG 2000 conflicts with that goal.

This is VERY interesting information, I have two questions, if you know:
1. Do you have a link to the PDF 2.0 spec where it says that JPEG2000 will
be deprecated?
2. What would be your suggestion for non-lossy compression for color images
in PDF files? I know LZW is an answer, but the compression is much worst
than JPEG2000. Can you think of a solution that brings a compression close
to that of JPEG2000 without losing information? And of course I am not
considering re-encoding a JPEG image, this is pointless as you mentioned.

By the way: I read in the spec that JPEG2000 also works for b&w images, yet
adobe acrobat cannot read b&w jpeg2000 images encoded with jai... don't know
if this is because of jai or because of acrobat. Any idea?


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