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From Olaf Drümmer <olafl...@callassoftware.com>
Subject Re: PDFA/1B minimum requirements to pass validation
Date Thu, 08 Oct 2015 15:00:55 GMT
Hi Augustine,

> 1. Metadata does not conform to XMP

PDF/A-1b does not require the presence of any metadata at all. Nevertheless, if metadata is
present, it must be present as XMP metadata. By implication: if the document Info entry for
example contains the Title or Author fields, these fields must also be reflected in matching
XMP metadata fields, e.g. dc:title (where dc is the recommended prefix for metadata fields
according to the Dublin Core metadata standard). For metadata fields that are expressed using
non-standard metadata schemas (e.g. a company specific metadata schema), an "extension schema
description" must also be embedded in the XMP metadata stream.

To get started I would try to create a PDF with just one metadata field, and try to get that
right. Depending on where you get stuck, please report back… 

> 2. Font not embedded(and text rendering mode not 3)

using the so called standard 14 fonts (without embedding them) is not an option in PDF/A -
even not for very simple ext centric documents like log files. PDF/A reqires that alll fonts
used are embedded (except for fonts used in invisible text mode / text rendering mode 3).
If font embedding is done right, the fonts do not really need a lot of space.


On 08.10.2015, at 16:24, titto agustine <titto_f@hotmail.com> wrote:

> Hello ,
> I am creating a PDFA/1B document using PDFBOX. But the valiation to PDFA/1B standard
is failing and showing below erro messages in
> Adobe prob Preflight.
> 1. Metadata does not conform to XMP
> 2. Font not embedded(and text rendering mode not 3)
> I have two questions
> 1. what is the minimum meta data set requirement for passing the validation.
> 2. Does the usage of base fonts classify for PDFA/1B standard or we need to embbed it?
(The size goes too big as this is done for archiving a log files)
> Can I refere some sample how this meta data and font encoding done?
> Appreciate a response.
> Regards
> Augustine

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