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From Mario Alten <mario.al...@assentis.com>
Subject PDF/A marked as invalid (pdfbox 2.0.0-RC1)
Date Wed, 21 Oct 2015 17:51:22 GMT
Dear ladies and gentlemen.
The validation of a quite simple PDF/A works fine with PDF-Box 1.8, but not anymore with pdfbox
I get the following error message(s):
2.1.2 : Invalid graphics object, /N entry of ICC profile is 4 but the ICC profile has 3 components
2.4.1 : Invalid Color space, The operator "RG" can't be used with CMYK Profile

Is that a known issue within pdfbox, or is it a real problem of my PDF which was "just" not
recognized with the old version of pdfbox? If needed, I can send the actual pdf (which actually
uses RBG color profile, although the error message above indicates different). Attached is
the preflight report which does not show any problems.


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