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From Kevin Ternes <KTer...@thegeneral.com>
Subject RE: Cloing a document in PDFBox 2
Date Mon, 21 Sep 2015 17:52:02 GMT
I found the PDFCloneUtility over under org.apache.pdfbox.multipdf.
The reason I could not see it is that it is not visible.

However, the PDFMergerUtility is visible.  I think we get the same cloning behavior from this:

    PDDocument targetPdDocument = new PDDocument();
    PDFMergerUtility mergerUtility = new PDFMergerUtility();
    mergerUtility.appendDocument(targetPdDocument, sourcePdDocument);

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From: Kevin Ternes 
Sent: Monday, September 21, 2015 10:03 AM
To: users@pdfbox.apache.org
Subject: Cloing a document in PDFBox 2

This is related to a question from last week that I did not follow up on.
For PDFBox 1.8, Tilman confirmed that the best way to clone a document was:

      PDDocument targetPDDocument = new PDDocument();
      PDFCloneUtility cloneUtility = new PDFCloneUtility(targetPDDocument);

Thank you, TIlman.  But wow would this be done in PDFBox 2?  I do not see the PDFCloneUtility
in PDFBox 2.0.0-SNAPSHOT.


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