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From Kevin Ternes <KTer...@thegeneral.com>
Subject NullPointerException from PDDocument
Date Fri, 07 Aug 2015 21:56:01 GMT

I have a particular PDF that I have loaded that throws a NullPointerException from PDDocument.getDocumentCatalog().
>From PDDocument:

public PDDocumentCatalog getDocumentCatalog()
      If (documentCatalog == null)
            COSDictionary trailer = document.getTrailer();
            COSBase dictionary = trailer.getDictionaryObject( COSName.ROOT );
            if (dictionary instanceof COSDictionary) 
                documentCatalog = new PDDocumentCatalog(this, (COSDictionary) dictionary);
                documentCatalog = new PDDocumentCatalog(this);
      return documentCatalog;

The document.getTrailer() returns NULL for this PDF and thus the NullPointerException from
the next line.

Is it possible that the PDF is malformed?
I do not see where I might have cleared the document.trailer field.

If any PDFBox developers are listening, would it be reasonable to put a check into the above
code to deal with the NULL document.trailer?

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