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From Chris Clark <chr...@allenai.org>
Subject "Illegal instruction: 4" with PDFToImage
Date Tue, 11 Aug 2015 02:39:23 GMT

I encountered a PDF that appears to not only fails to parse, but crashes
the entire JVM when we attempt to parse it with PDFBox. The PDF is
attached, running:

java -jar pdfbox-app-2.0.0-SNAPSHOT.jar PDFToImage dangerous_page.pdf -dpi

Fails with "Illegal instruction: 4"

Trying to render the PDF programmatically crashes the JVM. This is on Max
OSX. Oddly rendering the PDF with a DPI of 72 works fine but it seems like
any other DPI causes the error. PDFBox 1.8.9 was also able to render the

This is presenting a serious problem to us since there is no way for us to
recover from this error if it occurs. A fix or even just a work around
would be greatly appreciated.

Christopher Clark

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