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From "Bruno Svorinic" <BR...@MIT-Software.hr>
Subject RE: PDFbox : Can it be used to modifying templates for generating reports
Date Thu, 27 Aug 2015 09:00:28 GMT
To be honest, I used PDFBox just for digitally signing PDF documents, as an alternative to
iText, so my comments are based mostly on information I got following this mailing list. On
the other hand, I am using JasperReports for producing reports in our applications. Actually,
we're building report templates with Jaspersoft Studio and executing them in JasperReports
Server. I'm quite happy how it all works.
But my point for your case is that JasperReport library (or BIRT - I have no experience with
that one - or any other reporting library) can be used in any application to create PDF, maybe
with less effort than trying to create PDF directly.
With Jasper you start with JRXML template (which is a XML file which Jasper understands) and
the library creates report in a number of formats, one of them is PDF. You don't have to use
Jaspersoft Studio to create this JRXML template, you could do it in your code.
Don't get me wrong - I believe PDFBox is a great project and support is great on this mailing
list, but from how I read your requirements I would go the way I described above...

>>> Sumit Sandal <Sumit_Sandal@infosys.com> 27.8.2015. 5:56 >>>
Thanks Bruno. JasperReport and BIRT were one of the options I was considering. I don't have
any experience in Jasper/BIRT that's why I was looking some thing more of Java library.
On further clarifications for requirements, I can say that we need Pdf with table created
using dynamic data in columns and rows ,that will be decided what JSON response is received
I had a POC done earlier in PDFBox, I personally found using PDFbox in my case is not easy
to configure [spc. when there are many PDFs to be created with tables of varying columns and
rows], though PDFBox has more options programmatically. Am I right about this?
Yesterday completed another one using Apache FOP which for me had flow like mentioned below.
My impression so far is It is easily configurable since only xml-fo are to be created. But
the part where I have to convert JSON to XML has lot of hardcoding. I will be looking for
some library which can convert JSON directly to XML with minimum hardcoding
JSON Response  >> XML >> Using XML-FO >> PDF
Sumit Sandal
From: Bruno Svorinic [mailto:BRUNO@MIT-Software.hr]
Sent: Wednesday, August 26, 2015 1:04 PM
To: users@pdfbox.apache.org
Subject: Re: PDFbox : Can it be used to modifying templates for generating reports

>From what you wrote I think you would be better of using JasperReport to create PDF from
some template and data coming from database (or JSON or whatever). I think PDFBox (like iText
which Jasper I believe uses) is more oriented at manipulating PDF's on lower level...

Just my 2 cents...


>>> Sumit Sandal <Sumit_Sandal@infosys.com<mailto:Sumit_Sandal@infosys.com>>
25.8.2015. 15:00 >>>
Hi All,

I want to implement a solution which parses JSON and picks values from it to generate PDF
from templates.
Kind of Reports.
But have to check width and height of Tables as well.
Will PDFbox be able to help. From what I have learnt today after going through PDFBox site
is that it is not that much of great tool for editing templates and generating dynamic pdfs.

If no, please suggest a good open source library to use. An example doing this will be applauded
heavily :)

Thanks & Regards

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