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From Johanneke Lamberink <johanneke.lamber...@onior.com>
Subject Re: Adding annotations from XFDF file to PDF document
Date Wed, 15 Apr 2015 08:44:51 GMT

Thank you for replying.

I did try using ImportXFDF. Unfortunately, this will only load the ³text²
annotation and throws an IOException when any other annotation is

Having had a look at the current trunk, I¹m not sure what the improvements
should be. In the code regarding FDF/XFDF I don¹t see any significant

Kind regards,

Johanneke Lamberink

Op 14/4/15 18:15 schreef Andreas Lehmkuehler <andreas@lehmi.de>:

>Am 14.04.2015 um 15:06 schrieb Johanneke Lamberink:
>> Hi,
>> As part of a bigger application, I am trying to use PDFBox to combine a
>>separate XFDF file containing annotations with a PDF document. The
>>result should be a PDF document with annotations.
>> Unless I'm mistaken, PDFBox has no support for parsing XFDF annotations
>>at this time. Are there any plans to implement this?
>> In an attempt to implement it myself, I have been parsing the XFDF file
>>to create FDFAnnotation objects and then using those FDFAnnotation
>>objects to create PDAnnotation objects. So far so good. However, the
>>FDFAnnotation class and it's various subclasses for different
>>annotations do not support the attributes that are required for specific
>> A result of this is that I have to parse String input to PDFont and
>>PDColorspace objects (for example), and I can't discover how to do this.
>> For now, I have 3 questions:
>>    *   how do I create a PDFont object from (for example) "/Helvetica
>>18 Tf"
>>    *   how do I create a PDColorSpace object from (for example) "0.000
>>0.000 0.000 rg"
>>    *   What are your suggestions for continuing with my project.
>>Continue working on my own solution, or implement support for XFDF
>>annotations in PDFBox? Is anyone already working on this?
>> Any help is greatly appreciated :)
>I'm not a XFDF expert, but did you ever give
>a try? Maybe that's the missing piece you are looking for ...
>P.S.: You should use the current trunk due to some recent improvements
>that specific area.
>> Johanneke Lamberink
>Andreas Lehmkühler
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