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From Eliot Kimber <ekim...@rsicms.com>
Subject Re: Looking for some guidance on using PDFBox to analyze page content
Date Fri, 20 Mar 2015 13:49:25 GMT
You can definitely analyze all the raster images in a PDF and get their
format (as stored in the PDF data stream).

Vector may be harder since PDF is fundamentally a drawing language and it
may not be possible to reliably distinguish drawing commands that are just
decorating a page or producing a table and drawing commands that came from
an SVG or Illustrator drawing. But my guess would be that a for a
reasonably-consistent set of PDFs (e.g., all produced using the same
authoring tool or batch formatter) that there should be reliable patterns
you can key off of.


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On 3/20/15, 8:43 AM, "Warren Gallagher" <warren.gallagher@apxconsult.com>

>Is there a means to determine if a page contains:
> 	* vector graphics
> 	* raster graphics (and what format)
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