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From Alexander <alexandersche...@meetingsphere.com>
Subject PDFs created on MacOS and Calibri font
Date Fri, 13 Mar 2015 12:27:43 GMT
When I try to create images from an PDF which was created from an 
PowerPoint presentation on MacOS with the font Calibri the resulting 
image is showing an '8', 'G' or 'K' in certain words.

It also doesn't matter if I use the save as PDF option in PowerPoint or 
via Adobe Acrobat plug-in (in both cases it the PDF meta data states 
created with 'Quartz PDFContext')

Some examples:
commenting becomes commen8ng
noticed becomes no8ced
Competitive becomes Compe88ve
still becomes st8l

So it looks like it is the 'ti' ligature creates the rendering problem.

Also the 'tt' ligature makes problems. If a text contains both ligatures
still becomes sGll
flatten becomes flaKen

This seams to be a problem with all Calibri Fonts e.g. Calibri, Calibri 
(Heading), Calibri (Body) and Calibri Light

Also Calibri Light used other replacements.
Another issue: is the kerning looks wrong.

Since Calibri is the default Microsoft Office font it is use quite often.
Does anybody know a way to work around this?


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