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From Bogdan Daniliuc <bdanil...@montran.com>
Subject Trying to both sign and encrypt PDF with PDFBox 1.8.8
Date Fri, 13 Feb 2015 14:30:07 GMT

I'm having an use case where a PDF document has to be both signed and 
encrypted, with only some access permissions allowed. I was unable to 
find an example.

Either operation works separately. Starting with a simple PDF a valid 
signed one or a valid encrypted one can be obtained. However executing 
both operations on the same file fails.

When trying to do a signed/encrypted file the the procedure I use is:
- read the original PDF file doc (has no security)
- create AccessPermission with restricted permissions
- create StandardProtectionPolicy with password encryption and the above 
- call doc.protect with the above policy
- create PDSignature with visual component
- call doc.addSignature
at this point:
- calling doc.saveIncremental results in document with digital 
signature, encryption and correct access permissions but no visible text
- calling doc.save results in a document with encryption, correct 
permissions and visible text, but the digital signature is invalid.

What are the steps that I should follow? If it is correct, do you need 
any example files?

Thank you,



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