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From Will Herrmann <wjherrm...@gmail.com>
Subject Printing PDF only shows a few letters in 1.8.7+, works in 1.8.6
Date Mon, 01 Dec 2014 04:53:05 GMT
I have a PDF (downloadable at http://bit.ly/1w96YVz) that prints fine in PDFBox 1.8.6 (using
the pdfbox-app distribution, if it matters). The text is properly spaced and prints without
issue, matching how it appears in Adobe Reader and OS X Preview.

But in both PDFBox 1.8.7 and the latest 1.8.8 snapshot, PDFBox only prints the letters "F
u c r", with a great deal of spacing in between. Oddly, theses are the 1st, 3rd, 5th, and
7th letters of the text in the PDF. Nothing else appears on any other line. 

The code that I am using with both versions of the library is as follows:

String fileLocation = //File Location
File scratchFile = new File(System.getProperty("java.io.tmpdir"), "TempFile.tmp");
if (!scratchFile.exists())
PDDocument doc = PDDocument.load(fileLocation, new RandomAccessFile(scratchFile, "rw"));

I tried searching the issue tracker to see if this is a known issue, but I wasn't entirely
sure what sort of words to search for. I'd appreciate it if community could tell me if this
is a known issue or, if not, whether or not a bug report might be created for the behavior.

Thanks in Advance,
-Will Herrmann
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