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From Ruben Lagar <ruben.la...@gmail.com>
Subject Visual signature signer name, location and reason
Date Thu, 07 Aug 2014 19:35:03 GMT
Hello all,

I am using the latest snapshot of version 2 to sign a PDF and everything is
working smoothly.

I am now trying to modify my code so the signature includes a visual
element in one page of the PDF. I have been able to add a JPG image,
however I don´t understand very well the purpose of many of the properties
that can be tuned.

For example, signerName(), signerLocation() and signatureReason() in the
class PDVisibleSigProperties don´t seem to have any effect. Also, no matter
what page I set on the constructor of PDVisibleSignDesigner, the image is
always added in the first page. And finally, I tried to use signatureText()
on PDVisibleSignDesigner, but that method is not implemented.

My code is

*PDVisibleSigProperties signatureProperties = new PDVisibleSigProperties();*

*FileInputStream imageInputStream = new FileInputStream("myImage.gif"); *

*PDVisibleSignDesigner visibleSig = new PDVisibleSignDesigner(new
ByteArrayInputStream(content), imageInputStream, 3)*

*PDDocument doc = null;*
*ByteArrayInputStream bais = null;*
*try {*
*            bais = new ByteArrayInputStream(content);*
*            doc = PDDocument.load(bais);*
*            doc.addSignature(signature, this, options);*
*} finally {*
*            IOUtils.closeQuietly(bais);*
*FileOutputStream fos = null;ByteArrayInputStream bais2 = null;try {
    // Write the array to a file            fos = new
FileOutputStream(outputDocument);             bais2 = new
ByteArrayInputStream(content);            doc.saveIncremental(bais2, fos);}
finally {            IOUtils.closeQuietly(bais2);
IOUtils.closeQuietly(fos); }*

Any idea what these methods are for? Am I doing something wrong? If these
methods are not yet implemented but they are there for a planned feature I
could help coding...

Also, I don´t understand why I need to create 2 inputstreams, the first one
to load the PDDocument, and the second one to pass as a parameter to

Lots of questions, sorry! Thanks,


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