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From Daniel Gibby <dgi...@edirectpublishing.com>
Subject Re: IOException should be something more specific?
Date Fri, 11 Jul 2014 13:58:19 GMT
Yes, having more specific exceptions is usually helpful, as it allows 
the code to handle various cases differently.
Otherwise, would there ever be a need for any type of exception except 
the base Exception class?

In this case, having a PDFParseException, or at least a ParseException 
provided by PDFBox instead of just an IOException would tell us that 
there is no problem with the file itself or the input and output of the 
file into the parser, but that something went wrong with the parsing.

When it becomes a TikaException instead of an IOException is when it 
becomes the most useful, because that then allows my software to 
distinguish between an event caused by parsing versus some general 
problem with the file. Imagine if it wasn't an IOException and was just 
an Exception. Then my programming would have to be even more generic and 
not be able to handle the exception as specifically.

On 7/11/2014 2:08 AM, James Green wrote:
> This raises an interesting question, and one that applies to software in
> general. I actually think PDFBox has it right - something more specific
> might sound correct but to whom is it is useful? Exceptions in my
> experience tend to bubble straight to the user (perhaps logged to file, and
> an "oops" given to the user). The user in this case needs to be told
> there's something wrong with the file, and the error itself says what.
> Does PDFParseException give your software some new behaviour?

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