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From John Magolske <listm...@b79.net>
Subject Re: PDFBox on Debian ... org/apache/commons/logging/LogFactory error
Date Fri, 11 Jul 2014 04:25:40 GMT
Ok, I got it to work.

* John Magolske <listmail@b79.net> [140710 10:15]:
> % java -cp /usr/share/java/* org.apache.pdfbox.ExtractText some_file.pdf
> Error: Could not find or load main class .usr.share.java.commons-logging-adapters-1.1.3.jar

By prepending a colon to the java path like so:

java -cp :/usr/share/java/* org.apache.pdfbox.ExtractText some_file.pdf

the command now works without complaint, converting the pdf to text.

Don't recall atm why & what the : is for here...have to dig deeper
into my notes. Also, this command works regardless of what CLASSPATH
is set to (even setting it to null via `export CLASSPATH=""` works).

And this is all using the stock current debian packages listed in
my first email (purged the libcommons-logging-java_1.1.1 I'd just
installed and re-installed the current 1.1.3).



John Magolske

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