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From Fred Andrews <fred_andr...@fastmail.us>
Subject Problem with getting zero font height
Date Fri, 11 Apr 2014 04:40:24 GMT

I am using PDFTextStripper on some PDF statements from Bank of America,
and everything is coming through as zero height.
I traced it down to getFontHeight in
org.apache.pdfbox.pdmodel.font.PDSimpleFont, which is indeed getting
zero.  The font is a type 3 font and I'm not sure how it should work,
but getFontHeight is calling getAFM() and that is returning a null
because its not a type 1 font.  Then in the next section in
getFontHeight there are no font descriptors, and the zero just flows
through all the way through getFontHeight. 

I searched for anything I could key on to calculate the font height but
couldn't find it.  The font size is claimed to be 20 by getFontSize(),
although it appears to be more like 8. I did trace to where it got a
font size command of twenty, but somehow I'm assuming that would need to
be scaled, and I can't see where that might come from.

The font width on the other hand looks accurate, and I would think
something similar to that would be needed, but would really appreciate
some guidance on how it should work.  If I have clue on how it should
work I can see what I can do to implement it.

This file displays fine in Acrobat and edits fine in Nitro, so it can't
be that invalid.

  Fred Andrews

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