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From Patrick <patrick.pi...@trademonstergroup.com>
Subject Merge Corruption with PDF Forms
Date Wed, 19 Mar 2014 18:35:39 GMT
Hello all.

I am having a problem with generating a PDF with filled form fields.
I use Apache PDFBox to fill out fields on separate PDFs and merge them into a final result

The problem I'm experiencing is disappearing form fields when viewed with an Adobe PDF viewer
like Reader or Acrobat.
But when viewed using something like Document Viewer on Linux, Foxit Reader on Windows, or
the internal PDF viewer on Firefox and Chrome the fields are visible and correctly populated.

I have run preflight PDF syntax checking on all the documents before populating them and the
checks are successful.
After using PDFMergerUtility appendDocument(), the resulting merged document seems to have
PDF syntax issues reported by Acrobat Pro Preflight.
Here is the zip with the preflight syntax error report, and the document populated with fake
data that is experiencing this strange behavior.

Some of the field values you will notice disappear on newapplication.pdf are:
Name field on page 6.
Account Number field on top of page 6.
If you view the document in something like Foxit, they all appear correctly.

And to top off the strangeness, those fields become visible again in the generated PDF Preflight
report - newapplication_report.pdf

I've tried so many things including re-saving and optimizing the documents but to no avail.
Any assistance or troubleshooting ideas would be appreciated.

Thank you.

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