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From "pdfbox-kurt@hestonsystems.com" <pdfbox-k...@hestonsystems.com>
Subject How does one construct/modify a PDXFA object to pass to setXfa() ?
Date Tue, 14 Jan 2014 23:26:54 GMT
I'm attempting to fill field data for a Live Cycle Designer 8.0-created 
fillable PDF.  Field.setValue() appears to be of little use to me.  The 
forums explain in a few posts that getXfa and setXfa can me used for 
this purpose.  But I'm unable to locate code snippets that demonstrate 
how this is done.

I'm able to update the appropriate XML node within the doc I can 
retrieve using getXfa().  However,  I've been at this for a few hours 
and haven't found a way to pass my updated xml form field data back to 
PDFBox for rendering.

Does anyone have an example that builds a PDXFA object from XML (we 
appear to have a getDocument but no setDocument to compliment it within 
the current API) or one that uses some other method to update the 
underlying COSBase object with new field values?

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