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From "Starke Dr. Gernot" ...@gernotstarke.de>
Subject Re: [SURVEY] PDFBox Uses Cases
Date Mon, 06 Jan 2014 22:17:50 GMT
Hi pdfbox'ers,

thx for your great work, which I really appreciate!

I'm *very* new to pdfbox - used a lot of iTextPdf during the last years…

My usecases, current or in the near future:

1. modify existing pdf's ("stamping"), simple stuff like page- and chapter-numbers, headers,
copyright-notices and so forth.
2. add pages to existing documents (mainly to enable proper book-printing, so chapters always
start on odd-numbered pages)

1+2 are part of my opensource application pdfstamper (https://bitbucket.org/arc42/pdfstamper/overview),
respective the
corresponding command-line utility "pdfutil". Currently those rely on iTextPdf, but due to
lizensing issues I need to migrate
those to pdfbox.

3. add encryption, to achieve "copy-from-document-not-allowed" and other forms of restricted
4. add encryption together with user-specific header/footer to create *really* personalized

5. read metadata (like document-title) to compile table-of-content for a bunch of files

(3+4+5 are planned addon features for pdfstamper/pdfutil next releases)

6. compile an enhanced index from a set of pdf files ("concordance index").

7. (that's my personal goal for contributing to pdfbox asap): write up some documentation
on how to migrate from iTextPdf to pdfbox,
as this seems an issue in real-world projects.

From my personal viewpoint, having a *much* better documentation would lead to a much better
acceptance. The iTextPdf guys
invested heavily in their (Manning-) book and site documentation, providing many good and
working examples together with
source code… Such examples in readily accessible form would be awesome.

regards from Cologne,

Am 06.01.2014 um 12:31 schrieb Maruan Sahyoun <sahyoun@fileaffairs.de>:

> Dear PDFBox users,
> we’d love to hear from you how you are using PDFBox in your PDF applications. Do you
use it for rendering, merging, creation … - what is the main application? 
> As we are planning for PDFBox 2.0 there are already a lot of ideas what could be done
in that release. Your input will help us to better understand where we could put our focus.

> Please understand that we will take your input seriously but as this is a volunteers
effort we can not commit to a certain functionality. And if you’d like to help you’re
always welcome to do so.
> Thanks a lot for your feedback!
> Maruan Sahyoun

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