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From Kacer-EXTERNAL Jaroslav <Jaroslav.Kacer-EXTER...@gemalto.com>
Subject Visible signature using PDF Box - Content of SignatureOptions.visualSignature
Date Thu, 15 Aug 2013 07:50:51 GMT
Dear colleagues,

I'm trying to create a visual signature in a PDF document using PDF Box like this:

PDDocument.addSignature(signature, signItfc, signatureOptions);

Unfortunately I'm not sure what the content of signatureOptions.visualSignature should be.
I went through this mailing list, the PDF Box Examples project, StackOverflow and I googled
a lot but unfortunately I was not able to find any piece of example code or documentation
on this. The only mention is in a post in from 2011-11-03, saying one should be able to use
iText to generate it.

I also tried to generate the content using createPDocumentSignature() from the 2011-11-03
post but no luck, I'm getting ClassCastException (although the structure built up in createPDocumentSignature
looks like what PDF Box wants, at the first sight).

Is there anyone who has succeeded generating the right content of the input stream? Not necessarily
using iText, in fact we are trying to replace iText with PDF Box.

Any help, example or hint would be much appreciated.
Are there any plans to update the SignatureOptions class to accept a structured Java object
instead of an InputStream? That would make things a lot easier.

Thank you very much!

IIII Jaroslav Kacer
ICS R&D Software Engineer
Mail: jaroslav.kacer-external@gemalto.com
Phone: +420 241 051 721
Mobile: +420 723 914 123
Zeletavska 7/1448 
Praha 4, 140 00, Czech Republic
www.gemalto.com or www.justaskgemalto.com

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