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From Andreas Lehmkuehler <andr...@lehmi.de>
Subject Re: type 3 fonts and PDPage.createImage
Date Sat, 15 Jun 2013 11:10:31 GMT
Hi Fred,

Am 09.06.2013 16:39, schrieb Fred Hansen:
> Thanks for taking on my problem with type 3 fonts.
> The most serious issue in my proposed patch is the change to the signature of
> PDFont.drawString. I even removed the deprecated version. Another issue is the
> removal of Type3StreamParser.java. My submission does not contain much
> discussion of these changes. If I can explain better, please let me know.
Thanks for the contribution. I'm working on a patch based on your proposal. In a
first step I'll address 2.0 so that some API changes will be included, e.g. the
drawString stuff is going to be moved to the PageDrawer class, as we want to
reduce or better remove all awt-stuff used in the PDFont classes.

I'll see if I'm able to backport the patch to 1.8.3 without too much effort.

However, I'll document all changes in PDFBOX-1628.

> Fred Hansen

P.S.: I've cc'ed users-mailinglist as we prefer to communicate in the open.

Andreas Lehmkühler

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