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From Fred Hansen <zweibie...@yahoo.com>
Subject Re: type 3 fonts and PDPage.createImage
Date Mon, 17 Jun 2013 03:06:05 GMT

--- On Sat, 6/15/13, Andreas Lehmkuehler  wrote:

&gt; From: Andreas Lehmkuehler 
&gt; Subject: Re: type 3 fonts and PDPage.createImage
&gt; To: &quot;users@pdfbox.apache.org&quot; 
&gt; Cc: &quot;Fred Hansen&quot; 
&gt; Date: Saturday, June 15, 2013, 7:10 AM
&gt; Hi Fred,
&gt; Am 09.06.2013 16:39, schrieb Fred Hansen:
&gt; &gt; Thanks for taking on my problem with type 3 fonts.
&gt; &gt;
&gt; &gt; The most serious issue in my proposed patch is the
&gt; change to the signature of
&gt; &gt; PDFont.drawString. I even removed the deprecated
&gt; version. Another issue is the
&gt; &gt; removal of Type3StreamParser.java. My submission does
&gt; not contain much
&gt; &gt; discussion of these changes. If I can explain better,
&gt; please let me know.
&gt; Thanks for the contribution. I&#39;m working on a patch based on
&gt; your proposal. In a
&gt; first step I&#39;ll address 2.0 so that some API changes will be
&gt; included, e.g. the
&gt; drawString stuff is going to be moved to the PageDrawer
&gt; class, as we want to
&gt; reduce or better remove all awt-stuff used in the PDFont
&gt; classes.
&gt; I&#39;ll see if I&#39;m able to backport the patch to 1.8.3 without
&gt; too much effort.
&gt; However, I&#39;ll document all changes in PDFBOX-1628.
&gt; &gt; Fred Hansen
&gt; P.S.: I&#39;ve cc&#39;ed users-mailinglist as we prefer to
&gt; communicate in the open.
&gt; BR
&gt; Andreas Lehmkühler

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