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From Wullie <will4...@lavabit.com>
Subject Re: org.apache.pdfbox.util.PDFStreamEngine processOperator INFO: unsupported/disabled operation: EI
Date Mon, 15 Apr 2013 12:32:16 GMT

These INFO messages are causing me issues. I'm calling PDFBox to Extract text from a PDF file,
within a PHP script. The extracted text is output to the 'console' which I then read in PHP
as the 'stdout' from the program. Errors I read from a similarly piped 'stderr'.

Now unfortunately getting the return code from executing external programs in PHP is very
flaky and so I cannot use an exit code of 0 from PDFBox to determine success or failure. 
The only way I can check whether everything was ok is to check the contents of stderr. 

However because of all these INFO messages, stderr may not be null even though everything
is ok (I understand it is safe to ignore these particular INFO messages). I am forced to having
to parse the stderr and use a regex to delete these info messages and see if there is then
anything left which might mean error. This is not very good practice :(

So, is there a way I can stop these INFO messages being produced in stderr? I have tried searching
and found some stuff on log4j which I tried to make sense of, but I've no idea if I'm on the
right track, or even how to use it!

Please note I am using the pre-compiled jar (pdfbox-app-1.8.0.jar), and I know nothing about
Java and have no way of compiling or making source code changes to Java!

I'm sure the answer should be simple (with a log4j.xml file?) but I've no idea what to put
in one, or how to get the jar to read it.

Thanks for any help

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