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From Duane Nickull <du...@technoracle-systems.com>
Subject Re: Can an encrypted pdf [with unknown password] get merged with other files into a new file?
Date Thu, 22 Nov 2012 05:19:51 GMT

To be honest, if they are encrypted with something like AES (the proper
way), you have no chance of accessing the content without the password.
Dr. Rinjdael's four rounds of nonlinear substitution are not something you
will even crack with brute force and the way the documents persist after
being encrypted is very secure.  The files look like a PDF on your FS but
you will never get access to the contents.

Technoracle Systems can provide you a slide deck about this subject if you
wish to know more.

Duane Nickull
Technoracle Advanced Systems Inc.
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On 2012-11-21 9:52 AM, "Glenn.Hirshon@ozcap.com" <Glenn.Hirshon@ozcap.com>

>I'm receiving some bank-statements in pdf format that I need to merge
>internally produced pdf reports.  The bank-statements are encrypted, the
>other files are not.  I do not have the password for decrypting the bank
>I tried commenting the sections in PDFMergerUtility that check for
>encryption and ended up with a document with the correct number of total
>pages, but all were blank.
>Is there any work-around to be able to do this merge?
>Glenn Hirshon
>9 W 57th St, 13th Fl.
>NY, NY 10019
>646.562.4683 F 
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