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From Joern Muehlencord <jo...@muehlencord.de>
Subject Split double page
Date Mon, 09 Apr 2012 22:18:23 GMT
Hello list,

I need to split an existing pdf page into two single pages and try to find out 
if pdfbox can do this for me.

The source page is a page a little bigger than an A3 page in landscape format. 
It contains two upright format A4 pages bound by crop marks. The "only" thing 
to do is to store both A4 pages as two single pages. At the end all single 
pages need to be merged into one big pdf document so I get the resulting 
newspaper on A4. 
(see http://www.verkehrsverein-hoevelhof.de/Seite40+21.pdf for an example 

Is it somehow possible to "find" the crop marks and the coordinates of the 
page objects to decide if which objects to take for the new page and which 

Any hints welcome.


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