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From Andreas Lehmkuehler <andr...@lehmi.de>
Subject Re: Please help a dim wit
Date Thu, 15 Mar 2012 07:13:20 GMT
Am 13.03.2012 20:25, schrieb Robert Johnson:
> All
> I am trying to get to the point that I can compile and run PDFBox under Eclipse on my
Mac, and whilst this hardly seems like a difficult task, sadly I have failed.
> I am fairly new to Eclipse (I've used it for PHP mostly before now) although I have used
development environments from vim through Zend through Visual Studio in my time so I am not
an IDE idiot and I am far from a Java genius I am fluent in C, C++, .Net, PHP, ASP(.net),
RPG, COBOL. C#, VB and VB.NET, Javascript and a few others. In short, concepts I understand,
specific mouse clicks I'm no expert in.
> The full story (as best I can).
> Per the instructions on the web site, I used Eclipse and did
> File ->  New ->  Other ->  SVN ->  Check out projects from SVN
> Create new repository location at http://svn.apache.org/repos/asf/trunk
> Create project using wizard&  select Java Project
> Allow it to get all the source.
> This creates a Java Project in my Eclipse with a tree that looks like
> and this is where the wheels come off for me.
> In a way, this looks a bit wrong because I have nothing in the src tree and no folders
that equate to the package (org.apache.pdfbox) but equally Eclipse isn't complaining about
> The web site suggests setting up a run profile for ExtractText by selecting "run as Java
Application" and then adding a new Run Profile. Unfortunately when I try that, I can select
PDFBox as the project but the Main class is never found (even though it is clearly in ExtractText.java).
> I think I have the source tree in the wrong place, becaue I think under src I ought to
have a folder org.apache.pdfbox but I do not know if I'm right, nor what I have done to cause
that not to happen.
> I appreciate that I must be doing something staggeringly stupid, but I just cannot work
out what.
> Can any kind soul out there help me?
> Many thanks in advance
> Bob Johnson

We are using maven [1] to build PDFBox. Therefore you should use a suitable 
wizard. It depends on the eclipse version and the installed plugins you're 
using. A possible way is

- checkout the trunk version using http://svn.apache.org/repos/asf/pdfbox/trunk
- use File -> Import -> Maven -> Existing Maven project to import the source 
you've checked before
- now you should have a couple of subprojects in your workspace

I didn't tried that recently so that I might miss some details. Feel free to 
come back to get some more answers.

Andreas Lehmkühler

[1] http://maven.apache.org

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