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From Denis Voloshin <DE...@il.ibm.com>
Subject problematic pdf
Date Mon, 27 Feb 2012 08:30:31 GMT

We have this pdf which we get from a customer which complains the document 
 is processed successfully but the content is gibberish.
If you open the file in Acrobat, it displays correctly there is nothing 
strange in the document properties but if you copy text
from it and try to paste it to another document (Word or text) you get 
Therefore we think something in the file is corrupted.

We suspect that the reason in the way how the document was created.
The question is, if there is any way that  we can inform a user  that we 
have such problematic pdf using PDFBox tool

The version we use is pdfbox-app-1.2.1-ecmts-1.5.jar



Best Regards. 

Denis Voloshin 
Software engineer 
Phone: +972-2-649-1162 
Mobile: +972-54-642-2269 

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