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From "Woude, Alexander van der" <alexander.vander.wo...@capgemini.com>
Subject Setting the version of pdf with PDFMergerUtility
Date Wed, 21 Dec 2011 12:31:11 GMT
Hello all,

I am facing a problem.

I retrieve documents from Oracle's UCM (content manager). I receive the doc=
uments  - all pdfs - from UCM as a stream.=20
A ByteArrayOutputStream to be precise.

My problems is that some docuemtns I retrieve are scanned, and stored as PD=
F1.2 format.
After I merge all the documents the generated PDF is 1.2. In that version a=
 fonttype is not available and cause that some docs in the concatenated pdf=
 is unreadable.
So I want to set the merged version to 1.4.

I tried to reuse the code from the PDFMergerUtility. mergeDocuments(), inco=
rporated it in my own code and alter it. See below.
Can someone suggest me what I do wrong or point me to a better way of doing=

Regards, Alexander

private void mergeDocuments(PDFMergerUtility mergeUtil) throws IOException,=
        PDDocument destination =3D null;
        InputStream sourceFile;
        PDDocument source;
        if (streamOfPDFFiles !=3D null && streamOfPDFFiles.size() > 0)
         java.util.Vector<PDDocument> tobeclosed =3D new java.util.Vector<P=
                Iterator<InputStream> sit =3D streamOfPDFFiles.iterator();
                sourceFile =3D sit.next();
                destination =3D PDDocument.load(sourceFile);
                while (sit.hasNext())
                    sourceFile =3D sit.next();
                    source =3D PDDocument.load(sourceFile);
                    mergeUtil.appendDocument(destination, source);
                if (destination !=3D null)
                 for(PDDocument doc : tobeclosed){

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