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From Thomas Chojecki <i...@rayman2200.de>
Subject Re: PDFBox form fields help
Date Fri, 10 Jun 2011 11:18:53 GMT

Zitat von Gilad Denneboom <gilad.denneboom@gmail.com>:

> Well, I've found the code, but I must say it's not very clear to me what I
> need to use from it. First of all, the comments are in German, and my German
> is a bit rusty...

I will try to translate it by time.

> But beyond that, it seems most things are Signature-specific and some of the
> methods do not exist at all in version 1.5.0 (like needToBeUpdate on
> COSBase).

The field is signature specific, the annotation is a normal widget.  
But thats no problem to use the right Fields / Annotations.

needToBeUpdate is specific for incremental updates and you don't need it.

> Here's my new code (the definition of textField is the same as above):
>         PDDocumentCatalog root = doc.getDocumentCatalog();
>         PDAcroForm acroForm = root.getAcroForm();
>         // Set the widget's page
>         PDPage page0 = (PDPage) root.getAllPages().get(0);
>         textField.getWidget().getDictionary().setItem(COSName.P, page0); //
> instead of PDAnnotation.setPage()

Both should do the same.

>         // Add the field to AcroForm
>         List acroFormFields = acroForm.getFields();
>         acroFormFields.add(textField);
>         // Add the widget to the page's annotations
>         List annotations = page0.getAnnotations();
>         if (annotations== null)
>         {
>           annotations = new COSArrayList();
>         }
>         annotations.add(textField.getWidget());
>         page0.setAnnotations(annotations);
>         //page0.getCOSObject().setNeedToBeUpdate(true);
> The result also shows the malformed message when I open the JS console and
> the field is still not visible/accessible.

Thats bad, I use the same way to include visual signatures inside the  
document. Can you please mail me the malformed pdf? i think  
attachments aren't allowed in the mailinglist.

Best Regards

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